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Q:  Why it is important to go to church?


A:  In accordance with the principle of the Konkokyo, the deity, Tenchi Kane no Kami, which we also refer to as the Principle Parent of the Universe or Parent God, transcends time and space; provides universal sustenance and nurturance for all living things.  Therefore, there really is no specific place in which we must offer our prayers to the deity.  We can extend our prayers at any given situation.  But attending church has significant meaning in the Konkokyo faith tradition, for the following reasons:  First, the work of Toritsugi-Mediation can be activated.  As Toritsugi Mediation is a feature unique only in Konkokyo.  Through the work of Toritsugi-Mediation, we learn to appreciate and understand the heart of Kami and the blessings we receive.  We can learn much about the practice of the faith through our interaction with the people in the faith community.  A Konko church is regarded as a place where we can enrich and further our belief in Kami. 

If attendance to church is minimal, we may not fully understand and appreciate the work of Toritsugi-Mediation.  We might end up in getting used to the reclusive self-serving practice of the faith, which may prevent us from appreciating the true blessings of Kami. 

For these reasons, you are encouraged to make the best of efforts to attend church on a regular basis.  Let us remind ourselves of the importance of seeking Toritsugi-Mediation.  In this way we can develop an understanding of the Konko faith in a deeper sense, and broaden fellowship within the people of the faith community. 

Note:  The above is an English translation in reference to an article of “Konkokyo Q & A which is located in the official Japanese Konkokyo Web page.  Related articles to the subject also can be found in the official English Konkokyo Web page, and the Konko Mission of Wahiawa Web page.


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