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    As a religion, Konkokyo is unique in that it has no strict set of rules that believers must follow. Some believers find that this makes it difficult to explain the Faith to others. One's relationship with Kami is very personal and direct, yet at the same time, the ministers who guide us play a significant role in developing our relationship. They mediate between Kami and his followers, aiding us in the development of our spiritual eyes and ears, so that we may come to understand Kami's true instructions. Although this personal approach may make it difficult to define one's faith, it allows flexibility within the religion, strengthens self-discipline, broadens views, and embraces acceptance.


      A personal relationship with Kami, however, does not imply confining oneself in solitude or spending one's entire life searching for the Truth, but enables our being able to live it. Our Founder taught us to immerse ourselves in Truth and Kami, but not in such a way that we ignore or discomfort others around us. It is for the happiness of all that we work toward, not just for ourselves. As we strive to strengthen our relationship with Kami each day, we will begin to express our faith in life through the attitudes we have, the actions we take, our reactions to events, and our treatment of others.

    In this age of technology and materialism, it is easy to neglect our real needs. Many times we feel that there is a void in our lives, which we cannot identify or fill. We hope this religion may act as your mirror, so that you can see your true self and needs and begin to live a life of joy and happiness, so that you shine from within.

** Introduction taken from "Shine from Within".

Mission Statement:  The Konko Missions in Hawaii addresses the spiritual needs of the people of Hawaii by promoting the Konko faith through a better understanding of the life and teachings of Konko Daijin, and through the practice of Toritsugi (Devine-Mediation).

Vision Statement:  The Konko Missions in Hawaii will fulfill Ikigami Konko Daijin's vision to embrace the world with the Konko faith.

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(808) 536-9078
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