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Konko Missions in Hawaii



Here is a quick overview of our beliefs.


  • Teaches the eternal life of the Universe.


  • Teaches the infinite love of the Parent God (Tenchi Kane no Kami), which embraces all living things.


  • Acknowledges the value of each religion.


  • Helps us to find the Divine Will in all respects of life. Therefore this faith makes our daily life a training arena for our religious faith life.


  • Teaches the Universe is our eternal home. It does not teach the existence of Satan, hell, or heaven.


  • Teaches us to find happiness and peace of mind within our own heart.


  • Dedicates itself to serve for all the people of the world - regardless of age, sex, religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, etc.


  • Strives to help all people to do the above through the practice of Toritsugi Mediation at each Konko Church.



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