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Q:  What deity do you worship in the Konkokyo?


A:  The deity we worship in Konkokyo sustains and nurtures all living creatures between Heaven and Earth.  The deity loves and wishes each and every individual as an inseparable beloved child. 

We worship the deity as “Tenchi Kane no Kami” which can be conventionally referred to as Parent God or the Principle Parent of the Universe. 

The divine nature of Tenchi Kane no Kami is best described in the distinctive expression we use as follows:  “Kami is Kami because of human, and human is human because of Kami.”  The expression implies to the unique nature of Kami, that Kami shows true meaning of existence in the interdependent relationship with human.  We acknowledge that we exist not only through our human oriented means of sustenance, but only through the universal sustenance of Kami.  The same may apply to Kami.  Kami’s work becomes evidential only through the interdependent relationship with human beings. 

In this manner, we recognize that Kami tries to maintain a close interdependent relationship with each and every individual, interacts in supportive manner and provides sustenance, nurtures and protects not only human beings but also other means of life. 

Our daily endeavor in pursuit of the Konko faith is to acknowledge the infinite sustenance we enjoy from Tenchi Kane no Kami, and try to respond to actualize Kami’ presence and work in our daily living.   

(An English translation of the reference to the Konkokyo Q & A presented in the official Japanese Konkokyo Web site)


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