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Q:  What is the Konko religious faith?


A:  The Konko religion was initiated by the Founder Konko Daijin (His secular name was Bunji Akazawa) upon the receipt of the Divine Call from Parent God, Tenchi Kane no Kami on October 21, 1859 (November 15, 1859 in accordance with Gregorian Calendar).  He gave up his family occupation as a farmer, dedicated himself to the sacred work of Toritsugi-Mediation through which he received peopleís requests for help, extended prayers for them and related the messages from Kami in return and helped them to enjoy salvation. 

Our religious mission is to help people in the world to live in recognition of themselves as Kamiís beloved children, to promote welfare of all the people in the world and perpetuate true world peace.

The Divine Call to the Founder and His Family reads as follows:

With the completion of this sacred staff, I will end your farming career.  Please understand.  When you are out farming, the person at home has to go out and call you whenever someone comes to give a request.  And after you relay the request, you have to go back out again.  You have to keep going in and out of the field.  This gives you little time for farming, and the worshipper must also wait for you.  Both you and the worshipper are being inconvenienced.  Wonít you stop farming? 

When you were gravely ill at forty-two, the doctor gave up hop.  Everyone worried about you.  You prayed to the kamis and buddhas and were blessed with complete recovery.  Regard this event as your death.  Dispel all desires and assist Tenchi Kane No Kami.

Also, your wife should consider herself a widow.  This is better than being a real widow, as she can still talk to you and discuss matters.  She should take the children with her to do the farm work. 

There are many people like yourself, who have sincere faith in kamis, but still have many problems.  Help these people by performing toritsugi.

This will help Kami and save people.  Man exists because of Kami, and Kami exists because of man.  Thus, Kami supports man as Kamiís child, and man supports Kami as his parent.  There will be eternal prosperity through aiyo kakeyo, mutual interdependency.

(An English translation of the reference to the Konkokyo Q & A presented in the official Japanese Konkokyo Web site)


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