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Welcome to the Konko Mission of Hanapepe

c/o Rev. Setsuko Okuno

1544 Molehu Drive

Honolulu, HI 96818

(808) 423-7707

Konko Mission of Hanapepe History


June 17, 1953:  Rev. Shoichi Okuno starts propagating the Konko Faith in Hanapepe Kauai.


April 15, 1963:  A catastrophic flood ravages Hanapepe. The church building is damaged.


August 1963:  The construction of new church building is begun.


October 17, 1964:  A celebration service for the new church building is observed.


November 22, 1982:  Hurricane Iwa damages Kauai. The whole island sustains major loss.


September 11, 1992:  Hurricane Iniki ravages Kauai. Great damage is suffered on Kauai.


September 25, 1994:  Konko Mission of Hanapepe is relocated to Oahu.


May 18, 1998 to present:  Faith gatherings with the support of the Konkokyo Hawaii Center has been begun on Kauai.


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