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Q:  What is the function of a local Konkokyo church?


A:  Each local church is a designated sacred place to help actualize Tenchi Kane no Kami’s will of helping humanity through the divine work of Ikigami Konko Daijin’s Toritsugi-Mediation and any other tasks to promote an ideal world in which both Kami and people would uphold each other through the principle called “Aiyokakeyo” or mutual interdependent relationship.  Believers convey their thoughts of appreciation and personal concerns to Kami through the function of Toritsugi-Mediation.  The church can also be a learning place about the way of life based on the principle of the Konko religion.  The church also tries to help as many people through the effort of propagating the faith in the community.  (An English translation in reference to the Japanese Official Konkokyo Website)


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