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Q:  How can we visit the birthplace of Konkokyo and local branch churches in Japan and abroad?


A:  The birthplace of the Konkokyo religion which we refer to as “Gohonbu” or Headquarters Church, is nestled in a serene country town named Konko-Town situated in Okayama, Japan.  For details about the Konkokyo Headquarters, please refer to the official Konkokyo website in English at http://www.konkokyo.or.jp/eng/.

More than 1,600 Konkokyo churches are in operation in many parts of Japan.  Since the religion was born in Okayama which is situated in the southern part of the Japanese archipelago, more churches are spread in the southern region, rather than in the north. 

The Konko religion has also spread to other parts of the globe.  There are 11 churches in the Mainland U.S.A., 2 churches in Canada, 6 churches in Hawaii and 5 churches in Brazil.  There are two Konkokyo Propagation Centers in operation in South Korea and Paraguay.  In this manner, Konkokyo has been trying to expand in many parts of the world.  (An English translation in reference to the Japanese Official Konkokyo Website)


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