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Konko Missions in Hawaii




About the Name “Konko”  金光

“How is Konko written?  It is written with the kanji characters for ‘golden light.’  Any person is inclined to look toward light.  Gradually, people will come toward the light” (Oshirasegoto Oboeco 21-30-2).

Konko-Sama, on January 16, 1883, the year of his passing, said, “Today, I’ll tell you about the name Konko.  Konko means, ‘Golden light shines’.  The ‘Kon’ comes from the ‘Kane’ in Kane no Kami.  The ‘ko’ comes from ‘hikari,’ meaning sunlight.  Sunlight provides the world with light.  Therefore it means that the entire world is being blessed by Kane no Kami’s light shining throughout the world.”  He continued, “I’ll tell you this little poem that Kami revealed to me: 

The true way of Konko Makes the world bright, shines through Heaven, and will last forever.” (II Konko Hagion 21)

The Konko Crest


The distinctive religious crest of the Konko religion with eight petals around the kanji character is referred to as the “Yatsunami” which symbolizes the deity that governs the eight directions— the entire Universe.

The Konko Faith…

*  Was founded by Ikigami Konko Daijin in 1859.

*  Was born within the tradition of Shintoism, however, its         doctrines are original and independent.

*  Teaches the eternal life of the Universe.

*  Teaches the infinite love of Tenchi Kane no Kami (Parent God), which embraces all living things.

*  Acknowledges the value of each religion.

*  Helps us to find the Divine Will in all aspects of life. 

*  Therefore, this faith makes our daily life a training arena for our religious faith life. 

*  Teaches that the Universe is our eternal home.  It does not teach the existence of “Satan, Hell, or Heaven.”

*  Teaches us to find complete happiness and peace of mind within our own hearts.

*  Dedicates itself to serve for all the people of the world—regardless of age, sex, religious beliefs. Ethnicity, sexual orientation, social status, etc. 

*  Strives to help all people to do the above through the practice of Toritsugi Mediation at each Konko Church.


** Information is courtesy of the Konko Churches of North America information pamphlet.

** Monthly newsletters are available upon request

Konkokyo Facts

*  The Founder Konko Daijin was born on September 29, 1814

*  November 15, 1859- The Founder received the Divine Call from Tenchi Kane no Kami-Sama.  This is the Founding date of Konkokyo. 

*  October 10, 1883 –Konko Daijin passed away at the age of 70. 

*  1926 the Rev. Kokichi Katashima made a visit to Hawaii and helped to form the Mamichi-kai, a group of Konko believers in Hawaii.  We regard this is the beginning of the Konko faith propagation in Hawaii. 


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